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題號 片語              中文   造句 afraid of long as filled with interested in made of made from on a diet proud of tired of(with) worried about bored with busy

13.catch a cold

14.fall asleep

15.get into trouble

16.give sb a hand

17.give sb a big hand

18.had better+VR the past in charge of famous for

22.make up one’s mind

23.nither... nor longer all

26.on my way popular with public

29.right away far that surprised at

33.think of

34.turn off/on

35.used to used to


38.what about


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    最佳解答 afraid of 害怕 I am afraid of dogs. long as 只要 You can stay here as long as you like filled with 使充滿[(+with)] When I had read it I was filled with horror. interested in 感興趣的;關心的[(+in)] I am not interested in politics.

    5. be made of製造的;創造的;人造的(不經過化學變化的)[(+of)]

    The desk is made of wood.

    6. be made from製造的;創造的;人造的(經過化學變化的)[(+from)]

    The wine is made from grapes. on a diet 節食 She is on a diet. proud of自豪的,得意的[F][(+of)] she is proud of her accomplishments. tired of/with厭倦的;厭煩的[F][(+of)] She was tired of watching television. worried about擔心的,發愁的[(+about)] People are becoming increasingly worried about pollution. bored with 厭煩 I am bored with this book. busy 忙碌 I am busy in doing homework.

    13.catch a cold 感冒 Diana caught a cold last week.

    14.fall asleep 睡著 The fat guy fell asleep shortly after the film began.

    15.get into trouble使自己或他人陷入(困擾之境) Her son has got into trouble again.

    16.give sb a hand提供幫助 Could you give me a hand with the baggage?

    17.give sb a big hand【口】鼓掌[S] Let’s give the singer a big hand.

    18.had better +VR最好 I had better watch out. the past過去,昔日[the S] In the past he had to read by candlelight. in charge of對...有責任 The nurse was in charge of the care of the children. famous for 著名的, 出名的 The city is famous for its silk.

    22.make up one’s mind下決心 She made up her mind buying the beautiful vase.

    2006-02-13 04:36:43 補充:

    23.neither …nor既不...也不;也不 He neither drinks nor longer不再 She is no longer the most beautiful girl in the class.25.not…at all (否定句)絲毫;根本 I don’t like her at all. 26.on my way 往~去 I am on my way popular with 受...歡迎;有好評 The teacher is popular with students.

    2006-02-13 04:37:50 補充: public公開地;當眾 It is impolite to burp in public.29.right away立刻 I need a pen right far到目前為止 I thought I did well so that為了如此...以至於;以便 She finished her homework early so that she could go to the surprised at因...感到驚訝 He was surprised at his high scores.

    2006-02-13 04:41:55 補充:

    33.think of想到,考慮 He thought of what he did last week.

    34.turn off/ on 關掉/開啟 I turned off/on the light last night.

    35.used to過去慣常,以前習慣於 We used to grow peanuts. used to習慣於[F][(+to)] I am used to walking to school.

    2006-02-13 04:42:17 補充:

    37.not… until (用於否定句)在...之前,直到...(才) She didn’t go to bed until eleven o’clock.

    38.what about如何 What about taking a walk after dinner?

    39.whether …or (引導名詞子句)是否 Ask him whether he can come or not.

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