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You received an e-mail from your cousin, Tom, complaining how terrible school life is.said that he just couldn\'t make it, no matter how hard he had tried. He tends to forget within seconds the new words he just learned, not to mention his poor perfromance math. He has no friends, and all his classmates laugh at him. He even said he wished could be with his mother who died several years ago. What would you say to encourago your cousin?

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  • Vivian
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    2 0 年前

    Dear Tom,I'm sorry to hear that your terrible school life, however I hope you won't give up.  I feel sorry that I'm not there for you but I'm here to helping you, and I really want you to listen to me :About your school work, have you trying to talk to your school teachers? I suggest you should do that as they might give you some intensive classes to solve your Maths problem and assist you to develop your interpersonal skill.Also, I highly encourage you to go to church, meet more people, expend your life circle and more important is you will know there're still a lot of people who care and love you!  I'm the one of them!Remember, earth has no sorrow that heaven does not feel.  When we put our problems in God's hands, He puts His peace in our hearts.I'm here for you!Yours,XXX

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  • 2 0 年前

    Dear Tom,

    I remeber the first time I went to school was not that good too. We have a very similar situation here: no friends, poor math and home sick. I asked myself: What happened to me? What should I do to make it better? Then I took a break from school, and relaxed myself a little. While I was away, I had a long thinking. After that, I felt much better about myself and school. Maybe you could do the same thing. Take a few days off, go somewhere that you can relax yourself and think. Release the stress and tell yourself that you can do it!! One little step at a time, give more time to the math, one more correct answer is better than nothing! Tell yourself you can make it then you WILL make it. If those nasty kids still laugh at you, then just ignore them. I believe you are strong enough to do so. Remember, one step at a time, don't rush yourself. Everything takes time, you just hang on there. You will make your mother proud. Take care, my dear, I am always here for you.


    your cousin.

  • Dear Tom,

    I know it is hard for you to pass through these days, especially with those nasty kids. Well, however, i would love to talk to you in any time. You just call me. Feel free to share anything with me. I'm here for you. As to your school performance, i should say that it is okay. You see, no one is perfect. What you have to do right this moment is keep faith, and, keep moving on and on. If those kids love to laugh, let it be.

    Here i would love to share one of the famous quotes, "I'm a slow walker, but i never walk backward."

    Keep that in mind, okay??

    Please take care, Love,


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