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可以幫幫我嗎??中文翻英文一下!!  謝謝感激~~^O^




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    One day, because Tom was late for school, he hurried up going upstairs. He careless knocked down the teacher who was going down stairs. The teacher was bleeding right on the site and hemiparesis was caused then. Tom was got into the lawsuit. When Judge interrogated him, he stated the whole process one by one. He told the Judge that was an accident, he didn't mean to injury someone. So Judge sentenced him to be responsible for paying all hospitalization costs of the teacher. This made Tom felt as if relieved of a heavy load mood. So Tom had not severe penalty.

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    Have one day, because Tom is late for school, and wash busy going upstairs, knocks down the teacher about to go downstairs because of carelessness, make the about man teacher that go downstairs fall down, and head a lot of blood has shed on the spot even, that teacher's hemiplegia that unexpectedly make, and Tom goes on the lawsuit, when the judge interrogates Tom, to state one by one thing, the thing sheerly unexpected, but not inclined to injure others, so the judge only betrays Tom and responsible for paying all hospitalization costs, make Tom have a kind of as if relieved of a heavy load mood, so Tom has not received serious criminal law.

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