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影片在此 跟影片無關 是配樂



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    Artist : Standfast

    Title : No longer

    For a long time, I've had nothing to say

    For a long time I have preyed

    For a new beginning, a road to lead me home to you

    You see we're not through

    They say the grass is greener on the other side

    And I admit that I have tried

    Simply to replace you, I've been so far out of line

    Denying this love of mine

    * No longer am I restless

    No longer do I feel ashamed

    It seems like I'm in love again

    (It seems like I'm in love, I'm in love yeah, yeah)

    So here I am with my sore head in my hand

    I'm hoping for a second chance

    Again, I believe in you my dear, my sun and sky and rain

    My laughter and my pain

    [Repeat *]

    Friends they sigh, but I do believe

    That I never lied

    [Repeat *]