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I do not know which one is right: Taiwan of bank or Bank of Taiwan. Do you help me solve this question? Or do you tell me how to express this meanings?

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    Umm,sir. I think there is a bigger problem in your question.

    Let me correct you.

    ----> I don't know which one is right : Taiwan of Bank or Bank of Taiwan . Can you help me solve this question, or can you tell me how to express this meaning.

    -----> Well , I think that Taiwan of Bank is very strange to translate to Chinese.

    So, the correct expression of this meaning is Bank of Taiwan, it can be translate to 台灣銀行, but it is better to write a " the " in front of Bank of Taiwan.

    Do you understand now?

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    通常 of 翻成中文 是要從(of)後面翻回來的 !!ex : ..很多的錢..  =  a lot of money  ( a lot = 很多 )所以 應該是 bank of Taiwan (台灣的銀行) !

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    = = ㄟˇ 塞勾 ㄎㄚ(卡)令(琳)

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    像妳的問題:Taiwan of bank翻譯起來就會變成:銀行的台灣

    Bank of Taiwan翻譯起來就會變成:台灣的銀行


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