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隨便一種蛇都可以但以英文作答蛇名也要說最好附英文Where  does  this  snake  come  fromWhat   kind  of  snake  is  itHow  much  it  weigh How  lone  is  it  What  color  is  itCan  it  swimWhat  does  it  feed  on 

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    Where  does  this  snake  come  fromThe black mamba's range encompasses South Africa (Pondoland, Natal and Transvaal), Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Angola, Zaire and eastern Africa. What   kind  of  snake  is  itBlack mamba is a venous snake. How  lone  is  it  The black mamba averages 8 to 9 feet long, although 10- to 12-foot specimens are not uncommon. Some mambas grow to as long at 14 feet.What  color  is  itDespite its name, the black mamba is rarely black, but uniformly dark olive to brown or steel gray above and grayish-white below. It often has black speckling along the back half of its body. Can  it  swimNo, it can't.What  does  it  feed  on The black mamba's diet consists mainly of small warm-blooded prey, including rats, mice, squirrels, bushbabies, voles and birds.


    有非洲死神之稱的黑曼巴蛇Black Mamba,可以說是世界上毒蛇之中體型最長、速度最快.攻擊性最強的,曼巴蛇又稱樹眼鏡蛇,居於非洲。能爬樹。食蜥蜴和鳥類。

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    Where does this snake come from?

    In every where warm.

    What kind of snake is it?

    It Elapidae.(眼鏡蛇)

    How much it weigh?

    It 100kg.200kg......

    How lone is it?

    It twenty centimeter.

    What color is it?

    It yellow to black.

    Can it swim?

    No,It can't swim.

    What does it feed on?

    It aet fish,frog,snake,bird...and mouse.

    參考資料: me
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  • Gary
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    Where does this snake come from?


    What kind of snake is it?

    It's an adder(毒蛇).

    How much it weigh?



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    How lone is it?5m,6m......What color is it?Brown,Green......Can it swim?Some can,some can't.What does it feed on?Mouse,Human......

    2006-02-16 18:36:35 補充:

    若要用某種蛇來做介紹---蛇名:眼鏡蛇1.Asia(Taiwan,Vietnam,China,Thailand)2.It's an adder(毒蛇).3.I don't know.4.It can be 2m.5.Black and Brown.6.I don't know.7.Mouse,frog,lizard,bird,toad

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