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口香糖 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


What is the basic unit of structure and function in an animal?




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    The cell is the basic unit of life, and therefore merits study. By comparing plant and animal cells the relationship between structure and function within each cell becomes evident. The concept that structure and function are related constitutes a reoccurring theme throughout science. Because hands-on learning is an important component of scientific study this exercise is designed to incorporate kinesthetic and visual learning. In order to recall information the neurons within the brain must make specific connections, the hands-on component of this lab facilitates the making of those connections.The cell is the basic unit of life in that, all living things are composed of cells. Some living organisms are composed of only one cell, such as the animal like Amoeba and the plant like Euglena. The majority of living organisms that we are familiar with, including ourselves, are multicellular. All cells possess some basic characteristics. Cells have at least one membrane. Cells have structures called organelles, which function, as the name implies, like intercellular organs, carrying out specific tasks vital to the life of the cell. Cells have cytoplasm, which holds all the organelles of the cell. The cytoplasm is bound by the outer membrane of the cell, and is the site of the cytoskeleton, the internal support and transport system of the cell. All cells possess a level of organization, which allows them to carry out the processes needed to survive.字數超過,連結如下

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