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請各位英文高手幫幫忙ㄅ 不要太深 大概是國中高的程度 舍弟要演講的 急需拜託幫幫忙喔>< (急需.贈15點) 感激

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    The ideal park for me is a park that has a lot of trees, grasslands, and pathways.

    Families with children on the grasslands picnicking and laughing together are a very lovely picture to see.

    In the morning, we can see people doing exercise on the grasslands make me feel very peaceful, and the pathways provide a nice place for people jogging and walking all day long.

    The best thing about my ideal park is there are many trees to make fresh air for the community a better and healthier place to spend time with families.

    Therefore, in my opinion, this kind of park is very important for us to build a happy life.

    參考資料: myself
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