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    Classroom English

    Now, I'm going to call the roll. 現在我要開始點名。

    Who's not here today? 今天誰缺席?

    Mary is absent. 瑪麗今天缺席。

    He'll be here in a minute. 他馬上會回來。

    It's time for class. 上課時間到了。

    Let's start our lesson now. 現在開始上課。

    Hand in your homework. 把作業交出來。

    Where did we stop last time? 上次上到哪裡?

    Today, we're going to learn Lesson Three. 今天我們要上第三課。

    Let's review the dialogue first. 我們先複習這段會話。

    Listen carefully. 仔細聽。

    Please underline these two words. 請將這兩個字劃起來。

    Please underline this line. 請將這一行劃線。

    Read out what you wrote. 把你寫的唸出來。

    Say it with me. 跟著我念。

    What does that mean? 那是什麼意思?

    Make a sentence with this word. 請用這個字造句。

    Translate Lines 1 to 3. 請翻譯第一到第三行。

    Read the first paragraph. 請讀第一段。

    What's the answer to No. 3 ? 第三題答案是什麼?

    Use English. Say it in English. 用英文說。

    Let's listen to the tape now. 我們現在聽錄音帶。

    Let's listen to it once more. 再聽一遍。

    Open your book at page 15. 打開課本第15頁。

    Turn to page 10. 翻到第10頁。

    Turn to next page. 翻到下一頁。

    You did a good job. Good job. 你表現得很好。

    Let's give him a big hand. 我們給他鼓鼓掌。

    You've made a lot of progress. 你進步很多。

    Louder, please. 請大聲一點。

    Don't make any noise. 不要吵。

    Louder, please. I can't hear you. 請說大聲一點,我聽不到。

    Be quiet. 安靜。

    Stop talking . 不要講話了。

    We'll stop here. Time is up. 我們上到這裡,時間到了。

    There are still ten minutes to go. 還有十分鐘。

    We'll continue our lesson next time. 我們下次繼續上。

    There will be a test on Lesson 3 next Monday. 下星期一考第三課

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    教 室 常 用 會 話 01. Give me a hand. 幫我一下。 Sure. 當然。02. I'm sorry. 對不起 Never mind. 沒關係 03. Where is Andy? Andy在那裡? I have no idea. 我不知道 04. I don't know this word. 我不懂這個字 Look it up. 查一下(字典) 05. Here is the answer. 答案在這裡 I see. 我懂了

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    06. Study hard! 用功讀書!OK! We will. 好!我們會的 07. How's the test, Lily? 考試怎麼樣,Lily? It's very easy. 很簡單 08. Try your best. 全力以赴 Yes, I will. 是的,我會。 09. Let's wash hands. 讓我們洗洗手 I'm so hungry. 我好餓。 10. More rice? 要多些飯嗎? No, thank you. 不謝謝

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    不好意思 還有但打不下了

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    Look. 看。 Look at me. 看著我。

    Look at the picture. 看這張圖。 Be quiet! 安靜!

    Look at page 5. 看第五頁。 Listen, carefully 請注意聽。

    Listen to me. 聽我說。 Listen to the tape. 聽錄音帶。

    Repeat. 覆誦。 Repeat after me. 跟著我覆誦。

    Speak. 說。 Speak louder. 說大聲一點。

    Try it. 試試看。 Try it again. 再試一遍。

    Say it again. 再說一次。 One more time. 再一次。

    All together now. 全部一起來。 Spell the word. 拼出這個字。

    Read the sentence. 讀出句子。 Make a sentence. 造出句子。

    Take out your book. 拿出你的課本。 Open your book. 打開你的書。

    Turn to page 5. 翻到第五頁。 Stop! 停!

    Close your book. 闔上你的書。 Wait! 等一下!

    Pick up your pencil. 拿起你的鉛筆。 Raise your hand. 舉起你的手。

    Write down your name. 寫下你的名字。 Draw a picture. 畫一張圖。

    Show me your picture. 展示你的圖給我看。 Give me your workbook. 給我你的習作本。

    Put down your pencil. 放下你的鉛筆。 Put your hand down. 放下你的手。

    Point to the picture. 指著這張圖。 Clean the blackboard. 把黑板擦乾淨。

    Put your book away. 收起你的書。 Turn to the next page. 翻到下一頁。

    Look at the blackboard. 看黑板。