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Louisa May Alcott, an American author best know for her children’s books Little Women, Little Men, and Jo’s Boys was profoundly influenced by her family, particularly her father. She was the daughter of Bronson Alcott, a well-known teacher, intellectual, and free thinker who advocated abolitionism, women’s rights, and vegetarianism long before they were popular. He was called a man of unparalleled intellect by his friend Ralph Waldo Emerson. Bronson Alcott instilled in his daughter his lofty and spiritual values and in return was idolized by his daughter.

The financial situation of the Alcott family during Louisa’s childhood was not good, mainly due to the fact that her father make unsound investments in projects that reflected his idealistic view of the world. As result, Louisa had to begin helping to support her family at a young age, by taking a variety of low-paying jobs as a seamstress, a maid, and a tutor.

Her novel Little Women was patterned after her own family, and Louisa used her father as a model for the impractical yet serenely wise and adored father in Little Women. With the success of this novel she was able to provide for her family, giving her father the financial security that until then he had never experienced.

3. Which of the following is NOT implied as something that Louisa did to earn money as a youth?

(A)She did some sewing.

(B)She cleaned houses.

(C)She taught.

(D)She worked in a store.

4. It can be inferred from the passage that Louisa May Alcott used the success of Little Women to

(A)buy herself anything she had ever wanted

(B)achieve personal financial success

(C)give her father tangible proof of her love

(D)detach herself from her family

5. The author’s purpose in the passage is to

(A)explain how an author becomes famous

(B)describe the influence of family on a writer

(C)support Bronson Alcott’s educational theories

(D)show the success that can be achieved by an author

如果不嫌麻煩的話, 也請將題目的選項翻譯給我



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    路易莎奧爾科特, 最好一名美國作者為她的兒童書籍小婦女知道,矮小的人和喬‧波耶斯深地受了她的家庭,特別是她的父親的影響。她是布朗森‧奧爾科特的女兒, 一名著名的教師,理智,早在他們受歡迎以前,和提倡廢除主義,婦女權利和素食主義的空閒思想家。 他的朋友雷爾夫‧沃爾多‧愛默森被叫他一個無比的智力的人。布朗森‧奧爾科特在他的女兒裡滴注他的極高和精神的價值並且作為報答被他的女兒過分崇拜。 英尺 奧爾科特家庭的nancial情勢在路易莎童年期間不好,主要由於她的父親做不健全的對反映出他的世界的理想化的觀點的工程的投資的事實。 作為結果, 路易莎 開始幫助在一個年輕的時代養家糊口,透過認為多種在低處支付的工作為一名女裁縫,一個女仆和一位導師。 H 呃小婦女的小說模仿她自己的家庭, 路易莎使用作為一模特的她父親為不實用而晴朗聰明和崇拜在小的婦女內的父親。有她能供養她家庭,給她父親直到那時,他決不經歷的金融安全的這小說的成功。 3 . 如下內容中的哪些沒被作為路易莎做掙錢作為一個年青人的某些事情表示?(A)她做一些縫紉。 (B)她打掃房子。 (C)她教。 (D)她在一家商店工作。 4 . 路易莎帽子奧爾科特使用成功那兒對(A具有小婦女)買她自己她想要(B)的任何東西取得個人金融成功(C)給父親有形證據 在pa裡的作者目的 對(A ssage)解釋作者變得著名(B)怎樣描述那些家庭對作家(C)的影響支持教育理念(D)顯示的布朗森‧奧爾科特  

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