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    I grew up in the country with the sea and mountain as company. The life is simple and authentic. People in here are farmers mainly. Everytime the natural or contrived calamities came, they faced them with the attitude "Happy is he who is content." I learned the courage and optimism against difficulties from them, and it became the best property in studying and working.

    It is happy to me in studying. I did my best on everything, I asked for advices when I faced problems, and I had good scores in lessons. I joined lots of artistic associations and because of it, I have a lot of close friends. I had nine months experience of practicing, and I learned the importance of independence and interpersonal relationship and it is more important that being responsible for your job because every employee will influence the development of the company.

    And now, the school also offers the opportunity of practicing, I wish I can do it well and learn lots knowledge of aviation industry.

    參考資料: 人腦翻譯機
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    Growing up in the country, companioning the sea and mountains, I live a life that is simple and genuine. People here live mainly on agriculture, and they always keep a positive attitude towards calamities, natural or artificial. From them, I learned about courage and optimism in facing the music, which has become the most valuable asset for my work and study.

    Studying is of great pleasure to me. I always do my utmost, feel free to ask, keep my grades desirable, and participate in a lot of artistic clubs; therefore I make quite a deal of friends. I took 9-month internship in high school, learning the importance of independence, interpersonal relationship and, furthermore, being responsible for my job, in that every employee plays a role in the development of a company.

    Now that we have opportunities to take internship in schooldays, I will make the best of me and learn as much knowledge about aviation as possible.

    參考資料: 自己