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Do you see value in taking the high road no matter what? When are you justified in treating people the same way they treat you?

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    Not always necessary, because sometimes there is benefits but sometimes is a horrible disaster. You have to look at what your choices is and judge and know what your chioces is good or not, so is not always good no matter what.

    I agree. If somebody treat you badly than why you treat them good? You probably should not interfere with those kind of people and don't get involved in those situation. If somebody treat you nicely, than you probably treat them the same way as they do, for sure there purpose is just to be nice and not to get all kinds of troble invovlved, so this is how you want to look at it.

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    It really depends, when you are taking the high road no matter what. The time when I justify in treating people the same way as they treat me is depends on the react of them when I have a poor outside. For example, when people is bad to you, it's a pretty normal react of not being nice to the person. But when someone is nice to you, like being all kind to you, that doesn't always mean that they are that way, sometime, they might just want to take an advantage of you.

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