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急 需要代理商ㄉ英文合約書,我只是須要範本參考,無其他用途喔!!!!


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    Agency Agreement

    The Agreement made this 6 day of July 2005 between xxxxx )公司名 with registered office located at xxx (地址) (hereinafter called “the Principal”) of the one part and xxx (客戶公司名字) with registered office located at xxxxx (客戶公司地址) (hereinafter called “the Agent”) of the other part.

    Whereby it is agreed as follows:

    1. Appointment: The Principal appoints the Agent as its sole agent in the Bulgaria for the sales of the products manufactured by the Principal and such other goods and merchandise as may hereafter by mutually agreed between them.

    2. Term: The Agent will during the term of one year diligently and faithfully serve the Principal as its sole agent and will endeavor to extend the sales of the goods of the principal within the area and will not do anything that may prevent such sales or interfere with the development of the principal’s trade in the area.

    3. Termination: The Principal and the Agent agree that this agreement may be terminated by the Principal by giving 14 days notice in writing if the annual sold quantity of the products is less than 500 units in total.

    4. Payment term: The Agent should pay 100 % of order amount in advance before any shipment made.

    5. Service: The Agent should provide full customers’ services including shipping, trouble shooting, maintenance, Q&A, and technical support.

    6. Effective Date: From the date of receiving firm purchase order. Before any firm purchase order is received by the Principal, the Principal has a right to sell its products to your country.


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