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    1.After a long-term exposure to pressure,people on the job are prone to suffer from fatigue,depression,and so on.

    2.Most of them working around the clock worsen their health situation on account of lack of decent sleep as well as nutrient.

    3.Thus,stress-related problems are undoubtedly inevitable.

    4.According to estimates by American Institute for Occupational Safety and Health,USA practically spends over three thousand billion dollars on health care each year.

    5.The costs are awfully phenomenal regardless of individual and social versions.

    6.Likewise,downsizing has something to do with overwhelming jobs as well.

    7.Generally speaking,companies purge the ranks with a view to sharpening up employees’ morale.

    8.Some plagued by physiological changes such as heart attack,escalating adrenaline,and allostatic load have to be dismissed without previous warning.

    9.So,we can conclude that a person isn’t supposed to overwork;otherwise,it will wind up torturing one’s body with a flare-up pf disorders.

    10.The best method to ease the tension is through stable exercise;this way,one is more likely to live on a pension plan after retirement.

    1.long-term 長期的

    2.be prone to 傾向於

    3.suffer from 罹患

    4.fatigue 疲倦

    5.around the clock 夙夜匪懈地

    6.on account of 由於

    7.inevitable 無法避免的

    8.practically 幾乎

    9.phenomenal 驚人的

    10.downsizing 人員縮編

    11.overwhelming 令人喘不過氣的

    12.purge the ranks 裁員

    13.with a view to 為了

    14.wind up 到頭來

    15.flare-up 加遽

    16.pension plan 退休金制度