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looking for an English tutor

I am looking for an English tutor with native foreigner or ABC.

But it would be ok if you think your English\'s ability are equal to them.

NT$200 for one hour, at 8:30-9:30PM from Monday to Thurday by \"skype\".

I just want to practice my conversation every day.....

If above condiction accepted, pls contact with me by email:

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    最佳解答 neither an ABC or native foreigner...

    but i can do it and i have confidence in my speaking english since im english major...

    but i dont use skype...i use MSN and yahoo messenger...

    if it is ok to you...let me know...

    and ill add ya up on MSN or yahoo mseesnger

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    再享超值優惠$ 20,000現金折扣或 免費60堂課 2選一

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