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    是在第3季的第15集Identity(中文名稱忘了....)Sorry我只有英文劇情.....(太多字貼不完先擷取有關的貼...)Horatio talks to General Antonio Cruz, who has tiny stitches under his lower eyelids. Horatio tells the General that his son has been drug trafficking. The General asks his wife, Dona Cruz, to excuse them as they have "a conversation for me." Clavo appears and maintains his innocence. The General's stitches bleed a bit, so Horatio gives him his handkerchief to blot the blood. "The price one pays for looking good in public," he tells Horatio. Horatio tells the General that even though he has diplomatic immunity, he is protecting a murderer, his son. The General admits to spoiling his children, but they are his children. Horatio gives his handkerchief with the General's blood to Delko to process. Detective Tripp tells Horatio that there is word that Clavo is about to take a trip; his parents are taking him out of the country. Horatio tells him that they need to keep Clavo in the country a few more hours. In the lobby of the Stonemoor Hotel, Clavo sits at a bar smoking a cigar, enjoying himself. Horatio approaches him and tells him that selling or purchasing Cuban cigars is illegal. Tripp and Horatio arrest him. 詳全文