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ia 發問時間: 教育與參考出國留學 · 2 0 年前

西雅圖shoreline community college








as you say, my writing skill sucks.

but i have no idea what kind of the questions will be,

as the matter of fact, i don't know how to prepare my writing test. so i 'd really like to the questions have been on tests before, it would be helpful. cuz i don't want to spent most of the time on esl.

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i'd really like to know* the questions.

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  • 匿名使用者
    2 0 年前


    i am studying in there

    i can give you some advice

    first, math test: teacher will provide computer to you

    and you will have a test, no one will answer the same questions because they are random

    also, you can't use the calculater. if you think that you can get more higher grade, you can retake the test in math centre or pay us$8 to test again after the math test

    second, english test will test listening and writing skills

    writing test is difficult to you. i can't remember what my writing question was

    but you can choose the question.

    but most of hong kong and taiwan people get lv 5 to 6

    (do you know that esl has 8 level?)

    listening test was very trick, you need to listen very carefully

    all the answers are so similar

    i think you should practise your writing because SCC think that writing skills are so important to college students

    if you get lower grade, you will spend most of the time in esl

    it may affect your 2 years college and 2 years university plan

  • Andy
    Lv 4
    2 0 年前

    題目是 random 的. 每個人的問題和排列都會不一樣的.