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誰能幫我寫一篇”An Ideal World”為題的英文文章

因為我要參加英文演講比賽,題目是\"An Ideal World\",不過我怎麼想都想不出來可以寫什麼,拜託大家幫幫忙哩~~~~~

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  • karen
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    1 0 年前

    我幫你寫一些An Ideal World的方向.提供你一些靈感.我不能幫你寫作業.You have thought to finish it by yourself

    1.“In an ideal world, we could get to where we need to go through conservation and

    renewables like wind. But we don’t like in that world; we live in this one.”

    2."In an ideal world…I would upload those downloaded services.”

    3.“In an ideal world...responsibility to ensure that we can continue to make investments, whether it’s health care, education or infrastructure and, in an ideal world, to reduce our tax burden.

    4.“I know you would like me to promise tuition fees will never go up again and, in an ideal world, I would love to be able to do that but I can’t. I have to live in this world,”

    5.“No one chose bad air, sprawl, social isolation, cars for the wealthy or crappy, overpriced transit service for the poor. This is, supposedly, the only possible way to live. We do have an option. Many options. We should be very suspicious of anyone who claims otherwise.”

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    good boy(girl).試著去寫.如果需要我幫你修改.我們再相互討論!你可寫mail給我. ^ ^

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