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What is bottom line

I do not this meaning that Dividing net income by the number of shares outstanding gives earnings per share(EPS), which is often called the bottom line

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  • Alex G
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    1 0 年前

    EPS(每股盈餘)=盈餘 / 流通在外股數


    你問題裡的bottom line, 是公司獲利能力的"最後結果指標


    為什麼說是最後結果指標(bottom line)呢? 某公司的獲利能力好, 代表著某公司的未來成長(growth)看多, 也有能力付給股東更多的股利 (dividends)

    EPS真的是公司獲利的最後結果指標嗎? 以會計分析的角度來說當然不是

    由於你問的英文問題, 題外話就此打住~

    參考資料: 我的留美經驗
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  • 1 0 年前

    In America, Bottom line means that it is the very last chance or day to accomplish...

    for example: Tomorrow is the Bottom line for you essay, please turn it in before it is due

    Bottom line=Due date, last, the very last.

    Hop you understand ^^|||

    2006-02-28 06:03:30 補充:

    hope you understand

    參考資料: me = =??
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