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可以幫我翻譯成英文嗎? Eagles, The 3

老鷹合唱團的巔峰出現在1977年,新吉他手Joe Walsh來自硬式搖滾團James Gang,他為老鷹合唱團帶來新氣象,不僅擺脫前期蕭瑟的鄉村風格加強了電吉他的部份,更是除了Henley/Frey之外的作曲主力。這些影響明顯反應在該年老鷹合唱團的鉅作「Hotel California」之中。

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    The best year in the career of the Eagles was 1977, as the new guitarist Joe Walsh was added to the lineup. Joe was previously a member of the hard rock band James Gang, and he brought new elements to the Eagles. Joe began to emphasize more on electric guitars, and this has made the Eagles no longer a band making bleak country songs. More than that, Joe has become one of the main songwriters in the Eagles along with Don Henley and Glenn Frey. People can obviously find these influences in their blockbuster album Hotel California released in 1977.     

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    Eagle's chorus' summit appeared in 1977, new guitarist Joe Walsh came from the hard type rock group James Gang, he brings the new scene for eagle's chorus, not merely gets rid of the bleak rural part of strengthening the electric guitar of style in earlier stage , it is the main force of composing music besides Henley/Frey even more. These influence obvious response this year in eagle's chorus' hard iron do ' Hotel California '.