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中文成語翻英文 愈多愈好 謝謝 15點

中文成語翻英文 愈多愈好 謝謝 15點 盡量4個字的

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    安分守己Know one's distance./Know where to draw a line.

    按部就班In apple-pie order./A place for everything, and everything in its place.

    暗渡陳倉To steal a march upon.

    八面玲瓏All things to all men./Dance and sing all weathers.

    拔苗助長Too much zeal spoils all./A watched pot never boils.

    白費唇舌Waste one's breath.

    白手起家Start from scratch./ A self-made man.

    百步穿楊Hit the bull's-eye.

    百無禁忌To ride whip and spur.

    班門弄斧Teach one's grandmother how to suck eggs.

    半途而廢Do things by halves./ Not go the whole hog.

    杯水車薪A drop in the bucket.

    背道而馳Run counter to/ Look one way and row another.

    本未倒置Put the cart before the horse./ Turn topsy-turvy.

    含糊其詞To be soft-spoken./ Beat about the bush.

    無事生非Make mountains out of molehills./ Stir up mud.

    無所不為Go to any limit./ Up to every evil.

    無所適從At a loss what to do./ Tour between.

    無所事事At a loose end./ Twiddle one's thumbs.

    無往不利To get it every way.

    無微不至Show every concern./ Wait on one hand and foot.

    無懈可擊Have no fault to find with

    無與倫比Second to none./ Defy all comparison.

    無中生有A pure invention./ Sheer fabrication.

    洗耳恭聽Prick up one's ears./ To be all ears.

    洗心革面Mend one's way./ Turn over a new leaf.

    喜不自勝Beside oneself with joy./ Happy as a lark.

    喜出望外Go into rapture./ To one's pleasant surprise.

    喜怒無常Go into hysterics.

    喜形於色Put on a smiling face./ Radiant with joy.

    細水長流A bit at a time./ Little by little and bit by bit.

    讚不絕口Lavish praises on / To lay it on thick.

    責無旁貸Can't pass the buck./ To be duty-bound.

    道貌岸然To look as if butter would not melt in one's mouth.

    宅心仁厚Have one's heart in the right place.

    債台高築Run up bills./ Up to the ears in debt.

    沾沾自喜Hug one's self./ Pat oneself on the back.

    膽前顧後Take a look around.

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    一敗塗地Down to the ground.一筆勾銷All annulled./ Cancel out.一表人才Manners make the man.一塵不染Dust free.一帆風順It's all plain sailing.一哄而散To flee helter-skelter.一舉兩得Kill two flies with one slap.一覽無遺In full view.一了百了Once and for all.一馬當先To be in the van(lead).一鳴驚人Come as a bombshell.

    參考資料: 之前買的 漢英對照成語詞典 (書林)
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    搖頭晃腦:Look smug or conceited

    半斤八兩:Half a jin of 0.4 kilograms

    驚弓之鳥:Badly frightened person

    鼎鼎大名:Of high reputation


    嫣然一笑:Give a winsome smile

    夜郎自大:Act as though you were it

    水火不容:Incompatible as fire and water

    唇齒相依:As dependent on each other as lips and teeth

    能者為師:Let those who know teach

    別開生面:Strange and new

    不咎既往:Do not censure for his past misdeeds

    刻舟求劍:Take measures regardless of changes in circumstances

    揠苗助長:Pull the shoots upward in a stupid effort to make them grow

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    一字千金One word daughter

    一諾千金One promise daughter

    一拍兩散While clapping two spread

    一言不合A speech is unsuited to

    捧腹大笑Hold the belly the cachinnation

    望梅止渴Hoping the plum quenches thirst

    心心相印In complete rapport

    一石二鳥Two birds of one stone

    如魚得水Like fish let into water

    龍飛鳳舞Fascinating flourishes in dancing

    兩全齊美Two all and together beautiful

    十全十美Perfect in every way

    美麗動人The beauty is moving

    意想天開The idea thinks the day opens

    豬狗不如Like a swine

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    無懈可擊Invulnerable無稽之談Absurdity胡言亂語Talk wildly老當益壯A green of age海枯石爛The seas dry up and rocks crumble正中下懷Exactly as I hope for 百口莫辯The 100 people can't explain 窮途之哭The end of the road cries 膽大包天The brave wraps the day 臥虎藏龍Lying the tiger hides the dragon

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    焉焉一息How how one interest大鵬展翅Big bird exhibition wings南猿北徹The south is far north to back有朝一日Have the dynasty the first有口無心Have the not intentional a people

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    有眼無珠Eye without pupil月白風清The white breeze of month is pure月黑風高The black breeze of month is high 有口難言Have a people difficult speech有目共睹Obvious to all

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    大智若愚Still waters run deep六神無主Six Gods are ownerless 世風不古A life time breeze isn't ancient 世風日下The day of a life time breeze descends 世故人情Worldly-wise human feelings 世道人心Morals of the world public

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    大智若愚Still waters run deep

    集思廣益Two heads are better than one

    善有善報Virtue is its own reward

    好的開始是成功的一半Well begun is half done

    留得青山在不怕沒材燒While there is life,there is hope

    三思而行Look before you leap

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    1. The leopard cannot change its spots(豹子無法改變自己的斑點)就是「本性難移」,用再白話一點的中文說,就是「狗改不了**」。

    2. put the cart before the horse(本末倒置)意思指主要的和次要的位置顛倒了,說明一些不合情理、不合邏輯的做法或想法。"本"原指樹根,比喻事情的主要部分﹔"末"指樹梢,比喻事情的次要部分。

    3. kill two birds with one stone (一箭雙雕)比喻做一件事情時,可同時獲得兩方面的好處。

    4. put all one's eggs into one basket (孤注一擲)比喻在危急時,把全部力量拿出,以作最後一次的冒險,就如把所有的錢押作一次賭注一樣。

    5. paint the lily (畫蛇添足)意指多做一些不必要的事,反而把事情弄糟。

    6. the die is cast(覆水難收)意指既定事實難以改變,就如潑出去的水難以收回,來比喻已成定局的事無法更改。

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