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請幫我翻譯食譜 謝謝!牛肉整理乾淨切 2 公分方塊,用開水略煮去血水,見肉變色即指出瀝乾;蕃茄洗淨,去蒂,切成小塊;蔥去乾皮,切成小段;薑洗淨,切成小塊,拍裂;蒜去皮,拍裂。 花生油入鍋燒熱,糖色、蕃茄下鍋炒香,再下牛肉、酒同炒,見牛肉附上糖色,即放入蔥、薑、蒜、鹽、味道再炒勻。 將炒鍋中的材料全部移入燉鍋,加入醬油、高湯用小火燉煮 6 ~ 8 小時,見牛肉軟爛即可。 另鍋煮滾清水,麵條下鍋煮熱,撈起放入碗中,再加肉塊及牛肉湯,即可上桌供食。


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    The beef is put in order to cut square of 2 centimeters clean, slightly boil the blood water with the boiling water, see the meat change color and point out promptly that drip the universe; Tomato clean, go the base of a fruit, cut light one; Spring onions go the universe skin, cut light section; The ginger is cleaned, cut small one, strike and split; The garlic skins, strike and split.

    The peanut oil enters the pan and cooks heat, fried sugar, tomato are cooked and fried fragrantly, put beef, wine with fry, see beef enclose fried sugar, put spring onions, ginger, garlic, salt, taste fry even and then.

    Move all materials in the frying pan in and stew on the pan, add the soy sauce, soup-stock to stew and boil for 6 - 8 hours with small fire, see the beef is soft and rotten.

    Another pan is boiled and rolled the branch water, the noodles cooks and boils heat, drag for and put the bowl, in addition the meat lump and steamed beef soup, can have the desk and offer the food.

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