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roughstock events

what are roughstock events

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    competition falls into one of two categories: roughstock events

    or timed events. Roughstock events are the scored riding events

    of professional rodeo: saddle bronc

    riding, bareback riding, and

    bull riding.

        In all roughstock events, the cowboy

    must ride for eight seconds to receive a qualified score. The

    contestant uses only one hand to secure himself to the animal.

    He may not touch the animal, himself, or any equipment with

    his “free hand” during the ride; doing so results

    in automatic disqualification and a “no score” for

    the round.

        In regular-season rodeos, two professional

    officials judge the roughstock action. Each judge awards up

    to 25 points for the contestant’s performance and up to

    25 points for the animal’s bucking efforts. The scores

    of the two judges are then added together to determine the contestant’s

    total score. A perfect score is 100.簡單的說,就是Rodeos騎牛(或騎馬)競賽,roughstock events為單手騎牛(或騎馬)至少八秒,由裁判按其動作加以評分。

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    所謂的 Rough Stock Events就是馴騎大賽該大賽還分了四種比賽:Bare Back Bronc Riding - 馴馬Steer Riding - 騎牛Bull Riding - 騎蠻牛Chute Dogging - 馴牛可以參可以下的連結:http://www.asgra.org/events/