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the purpose of this paper is to investigate the computer applications and analyzes

in industrial distribution design. First of all , we have to inquire into the design of graphic symbol and the drawing of single-line diagram by taking advantage of AutoCAD software. Next , by employing DBASEIII, the database for distribution apparatus is accomplislied to integrate with the graphic information so that the distribution graphic information database is got through. Then , we focus our

attention on the applications of practical operation for a factory. Written in

C language , the application programs include load flow calculation , voltage

drop equation, grounding resistor selection, power factor improvement, wire

slection, protective coordination displaying, and fault current computation.

Finally, the linking of man-machine-interface and application programs can be accomplished through the modification of ACAD.MNU na ACAD.PGP of

AutoCAD. Accordingly, na educational teaching software is developed to

carry out a key-controlled industrial distribution system analysis.


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    本文的目的將調查電腦應用和分析在工業發行設計。首先, 我們必須詢問入圖表標誌設計和單行圖圖畫由利用AutoCAD 軟體。其次, 由使用DBASEIII, 資料庫為發行用具是accomplislied 集成以圖表資訊以便發行圖表資訊資料庫通過。然後, 我們集中我們的注意於實用操作的應用為工廠。寫用C 語言, 應用程式包括裝載流程演算, 電壓下落等式, 著陸電阻器選擇、必v因素改善, 導線slection, 防護協調顯示, 和缺點潮流計算。終於, 連接人機器接口和應用程式可能是成左熙q過ACAD.MNU na 的修改ACAD.PGP AutoCAD 。相應地, na 教育教的軟體被開發執行一個key-controlled 工業發行系統分析。

    參考資料: 翻譯軟體翻的
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    首先,我們必須藉由利用 AutoCAD 軟體調查圖解象徵的設計和單一線圖表的圖畫。

    下一個,藉由雇用 DBASEIII ,給分配裝置的資料庫是 accomplislied 以圖解的資料整合,以便分配版面設計資料資料庫被通過。

    然後,我們集中我們的注意 o