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The air pollution index is according to measures in the air five kind of pollutant obtained data to calculate, these five kind of pollutant are: The nitrogen oxide, the sulphur dioxide, the ozone, the carbon monoxide and inhalable suspended particles.

What is the roadside air pollution index? What differences do it and common air pollution index have?The roadside air pollution index provides nearby the busy street , but the common air pollution index has represented the air pollution situation which major part time contacts. Because the roadside inspection station approaches the vehicle waste gas to discharge the source, therefore measures the index comparatively general index is naturally high.

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    第一句:空氣污染指數,是根據量度空氣中五種污染物所得的數據計算出來的。這句話的主詞可以放空氣污染指數,但是動詞,應該為"被計算"會比較通順:The air pollution index is calculated according to the data by measuring the 5 kinds of polluants in the air, which are oxide, the sulphur dioxide, the ozone, the carbon monoxide and inhalable suspended particles.至於第二段,我直接翻好了:What is "roadside air-pollution" index?  What is the difference between the "road-side air-pollution" index and the "air-pollution" index?  The former (前者,以避免重複) offers the pollution status in the busy streets, but the latter (後者) represents the air-pollution status we confront most of the time.  Because the inspection stations are close to the vehicles' waste gas dischargers, the index likewise appears higher.

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