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This is an exquisite speech feeling novel.This novel conceives outline skillful, the style of writing alacrity, the dialogue tactful, there is very strong pleasant impression magic, a beginning grasp then and tightly and tightly reader of heart, launch a series of the dramatic of the interesting variety, all the way tortuous, enchanting sight in spring time, endure various detailses to turn over to reply, unexpectedly conceive the loving spark, eventually become the circle of good month of the flower.The arrogant and prejudice, belong to the mankind\'s weakness and trouble in two kinds of the most familiar, they relate to comlications, sometimes, have the prejudice in arrogant, sometimes, have the arrogant in prejudice, sometimes, you stay me with the arrogant, I return you with the prejudice.So-called\"arrogant\" is the personality weakness that points out the body rich and honored, Argus-eyed youth attains the west in\"the arrogant and prejudice\";So-called\"prejudice\", is point out the body middle class and bring up good, tactful the young lady who is intelligent the Leading lady white of spirit weakness.The human nature is too easily distorted, alienation, a carelessly, or once sinking into the blindness, lose fair and rational, is manipulated by the affection, will develop trouble.Attain the west taste keenness, depend on the white tactful cleverness of the Leading lady, belong to the person to win the hero, but all can not get away from the human nature weakness to entwine, they are at family dancing party up first time meet, each other the impressions are all not good.An attitude is proud, occupying vantage pointing, a heart keeps in mind the prejudice, doesn\'t buy the debt at all.Through the understanding process of the long-playing but again strange combination of circumstances, eventually take side on the emotion and the mind, launch a segment heartless change in to have the feeling of love.

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    這是一本精妙的講話感覺novel.This 小說設想概述純熟, 文字樂意樣式, 對話委婉, 那裡是非常強的宜人的印象魔術, 起點掌握然後和緊緊和緊緊心臟的讀者, 展開一系列劇烈有趣的品種, 一直彎曲, 迷人視域在春天時間, 忍受各種各樣的detailses 移交回復, 意想不到地設想愛戀的火花, 最終成為flower.The 的好月圈子傲慢和存偏見, 屬於人類的弱點和麻煩在二种最熟悉, 他們與comlications 關係, 有時, 有偏見在傲慢, 有時, 有傲慢在偏見, 有時, 您停留我與傲慢, 我返回您與prejudice.So-called"arrogant" 是指出身體富有和尊敬的個性弱點, Argus-eyed 青年時期獲得西部in"the 傲慢和prejudice";So-called"prejudice", 是指出身體中產階級和帶來好, 委婉是聰明的精神weakness.The 人類本性粗心大意地太容易地被變形, 疏遠主導的夫人白色, 或一次下沉入盲目性, 丟失市場並且合理, 由喜愛操作, 將開發trouble.Attain 西部口味keenness, 取決於白色委婉聰明的小姐主導的夫人, 屬於人贏取英雄, 但所有無法得到從人類本性弱點對糾纏, 他們是在家庭舞會第一次集會, 印象是全部不是good.An 態度是驕傲, 佔領有利指向, 心臟記住偏見, 不買債務在all.Through long-playing 而是再奇怪的情況組合的瞭解的過程, 最終需要邊在情感並且頭腦, 發射段無情的變動有愛的感覺。

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