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1.Great Date Ideas.

2.Ways To Becomes Healthy And Fit.

3.How To Become Popular.

4.Dealing With Stress.

5.If I Were A Super Star.

6.My Dream Holiday.

7.My Favorite Pet.

8.How Tot Become A Millionarie.

9.The Best Way To Breakup With Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

10.Why Video Games Or The Internet Shuold Be Banned.

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    My Dream Holiday

    If I have a holiday to rest , I will go to the beach . Even some beaches are very dirty , some of them have white clean sand . If I want to take a rest , take a chair and I can sit beside the lovely white beach . If I want to exercise , I will jump into the ocean and swim . It is fun to swim into the cool water on hot days . After playing at the beach , choose a nice coffee shop and drink some coffee . The hot coffee will make you feel very powerful . And that is the way that I choose to spend my special holiday . Even that is very normal , but I still have a great time .

    參考資料: myself
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    同學~ 人在做,David在看!

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    同學~ 銘傳ㄉ吼^^

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