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不好意思我想請問有關錢的英文諺語??如:time is money(裡頭一定要有MONEY)

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    1. Money doesn't always bring happiness.(錢未必帶來幸福)

    2. Time is money.(時間就是金錢)

    3. Money talks.(有錢能使鬼推磨)

    4.They are in the money and not worried about costs.(他們有的是錢,不在乎花費多少)

    5. He must be made of money.(他一定很富有)

    6. Ienjoyed the movies and got my money's worth.(我欣賞那部電影,而值回所花的錢)

    7. He made a lot of money out of foreign trade.(他由國外貿易賺了大錢)

    8. He is not everybody's money.(他並不受人人歡迎)

    9. She thinks she is every man's money.(她自己為每個男人都愛她)

    10. I was out of money by 10 pounds at the horse race.(我在那次賽馬損失了十磅)


    1. ~raise money ~籌錢

    2. ~be in the money~有的是錢.

    3.~be made of money~錢多得不得了

    4.~coin money~賺錢

    5. ~for money~為金錢

    6. ~for one's money~正合某人要求

    7. ~get one's oney's worth~值回所花的錢

    8. ~lose money~賠錢

    9. ~make money~ 賺錢

    10. ~marry money~和有錢人結婚

    11.~money for jam~容易賺的錢

    12.~out of money~閙窮

    13.~pay good money for ~付出高價

    14.~put money into~投資於

    15. ~throw good money after bad~賠了夫人又折兵

    16. ~throw one's money about~揮霍金錢


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    A fool and his money are easily parted.

    直譯:愚人有錢留不住。 意譯:笨蛋難聚財。

    A fool and his money are soon parted. 笨蛋難聚財.

    It is easier to get money than to keep it.掙錢容易攢錢難。

    Money isn't everything.錢不是萬能的。

    A man without money is no man at all. 一分錢難倒英雄漢。

    Make money your servant, not your master.


    Those who believe money can do everything are frequently prepared to do

    everything for money.


    Money talks。錢能通神。

    Time is money. 時間就是金錢.

    Money makes the mare go 有錢能使鬼推磨.

    If you have money, even a fool is a master.

    金錢改變一個人,假如你有錢,即使是 傻瓜,也會變成主人。

    Money makes money. 錢生錢.

    The money the miser hoards will do him no good. 守財奴積財,對自己毫無好處。

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