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想請生物或英文專家提供我一些跟人類無性生殖 (human cloning)有關的單字或片語~因為要寫一篇比較爭議無性生殖的論文!! 順便想請問大家對於人類無性生殖的看法,你是贊成或反對呢?理由又是什麼呢?希望大家提供我意見~謝謝大家!!

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  • Sunny
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    "All forms of Human Cloning are Unnecessary and Immoral"

    by Thomas P. Dooley, Ph.D.

    Human cloning for any reason is unnecessary and immoral. There is no scientific, medical, or moral imperative to clone human beings or to produce human embryonic stem cells via embryo destruction. It should be noted that "reproductive cloning" and so-called "therapeutic cloning" both utilize the same unnatural manipulations of early stage human embryos. Since human life starts as a single cell embryo by conception using natural means or by somatic cell nuclear transfer in the case of cloning experiments, cloned human embryos - no matter how small - represent human beings with the potential to give rise to adults if implanted in the uterus. The difference between "reproductive" and "therapeutic" cloning is merely semantic and differs only in the intentions for their ultimate use.

    Conversely, the moral imperative to preserve the sanctity of human embryonic life should overrule the desires by scientists and physicians who seek to manipulate human embryos for financial gains and/or mere scientific interests. Morality should be elevated above money. And, some forms of scientific enquiry should not be permitted by society.

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