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Another percussion instrument was the banjo, a common folk music instrument. The chords strummed on this instrument provided a general background for the other instruments as well as serving the rhythm section. Guitars were also found with, or instead of, a banjo. When the band was seated during a performance, it was frequently joined by a piano and sometimes a bass violin (fiddle), which was slapped or plucked as often as it was bowed.

Jazz bands played dance music as well as marches and ragtime music. (Ragtime is apparently a contraction of “ragged time” where the timing of the music would change.) They also played “cakewalks,” a type of strutting dance, and blues, derived from a blend of field chantey and spiritual-a from of hymn singing prevalent in African-American Christian churches. The tradition of the vocal balled, usually accompanied by a guitar, also contributed to the blues form. The music of the blues has a peculiar, poignant sadness, which is mainly the effect of a flattened seventh note in the scale. Furthermore, the lyrics of many blues pieces are sardonic, filled with wry, self-deprecating humor.

One other major source of this distinctively American type of music is European classical music: operas, chamber music, and formal dances such as the quadrille. It should be noted that in the late Nineteenth century , New Orleans had three opera companies. Many early jazz musicians were trained in classical music. Still, many others were self-taught or apprenticed themselves to accomplished players. Thus, many early jazz musicians could not read written scores. In addition to this informal learning, there was a considerable amount of formal musical instruction in the schools and orphanages in the South.


Music was an important ingredient in the lives of Americans, black or white, at the end of the nineteenth century. From formal concerts and balls, where formal dances occurred, to weddings, funerals, and holiday fairs, music was an important part of everyone’s life.

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At that time, in African American communities (mostly in southern states), music was a means of expressing joy, of taking small pleasures, within a broader context of repression and confinement.

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The attitude can best be described as admitting life was difficult at times, but it is brief, and much joy can still be had.

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The traditional New Orleans funeral exemplifies this thinking: a slow, mournful dirge to the interment, and then a joyful, sprightly march back to the place where food and drink was set out for the mourners.

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    其它打擊樂器是班卓琵琶, 一個普通人樂器。 弦strummed 在這臺儀器為其它儀器提供了一般背景並且服務節奏部分。 吉他並且被發現了與, 或代替, 班卓琵琶。 當帶坐了在表現期間, 它由鋼琴和有時一把低音小提琴(fiddle) 頻繁地加入了, 一樣經常被摑或被採照原樣鞠躬。

    爵士樂隊演奏了舞蹈音樂並且3月和ragtime 音樂。 (Ragtime 明顯地是"襤褸時間的" 收縮音樂的時間會改變的地方。) 他們並且演奏了"cakewalks," 類型支撐的舞蹈, 和藍色, 從領域水手和spiritual?a 混合被獲得從讚美詩唱歌流行在African-American 基督教會裡。 傳統聲音balled, 由吉他通常陪同, 對藍色並且貢獻形成。 藍色的音樂有奇怪, 傷感悲傷, 是主要被鋪平的第七筆記的作用在標度。 此外, 許多藍色片斷抒情詩sardonic, 用扭曲, 自我貶低的幽默填裝。

    一其它主要源泉的這特別地美國類型音樂是歐洲古典音樂: 歌劇、室內樂, 和正式舞蹈譬如quadrille 。 值得注意的是, 在19 世紀晚期, 新奧爾良有三個歌劇公司。 許多早期爵士樂音樂家被訓練了在古典音樂。 但是, 許多其他是自修或當學徒自己對成功的球員。 因而, 許多早期爵士樂音樂家不能讀書面比分。 除這不拘形式學會之外, 有可觀的相當數量正式音樂指示在學校和孤兒院在南部。

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    音樂是一種重要成份在美國人中生活, 黑或白色, 在19 世紀的結尾。 從正式音樂會和球, 正式舞蹈發生, 對婚禮, 葬禮, 並且假日市場, 音樂是大家的一重要部份生活。 2006-03-15 16:31:27??

    那時, 在非裔美國人的社區(主要在南方的州), 音樂是表現出喜悅手段, 採取小樂趣, 在抑制和禁閉之內更加寬廣的上下文。 2006-03-15 16:31:47??

    態度可能最好被描述因為承認生活時常是困難的, 但它是簡要的, 並且喜悅可能仍然有。 2006-03-15 16:32:06??

    傳統新奧爾良葬禮舉例證明這認為: 一緩慢, 悲哀的dirge 對interment, 和然後一次快樂, 活潑地的行軍回到食物和飲料開始為哀歎者的地方。

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