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狀況一))---客人之前承諾說要下訂單,可是過ㄌ很久都沒有消息, 這時候應該怎嚜問他呢?



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    以下範例應很設合你的情況(特別是狀況二),若是狀況一,把第一段的"we last received an order from you"改為"our last communication"便可。Dear Mr XXX,We notice with regret that it is some considerable time since we last received an order from you. We hope this is in no way due to dissatisfaction with our service or with the quality of goods we have supplied.很抱歉我們得悉自從上次我們收到你的訂單後已有好一段日子了。我們希望這不會是因為對我們的服務感到失望或和我們供應的貨品的品質有關。In either of these situations we should be grateful to hear from you, as we are most anxious to ensure that customers obtain maximum satisfaction from their dealings with us. If the lack of orders from you is due to changes in the type of goods you handle, we may still be able to meet your needs if your will let us know in what directions your policy has changed.若皆不是以上兩原因的話,我們會為收到你的訂單而感到高興﹔因為我們渴望確保顧客們能在與我們交易中得到最大的滿意度。如果失去你的訂單的原因是因為你負責的貨品已變更了,只要你讓我們知道你的政策在那方面被更改,或許我們仍可符合你的需要。Not having heard otherwise, we assume that you are selling the same range of goods, and so enclose a copy of our latest catalogue. We feel this compares favorably in range, quality and price with the catalogues of other manufacturers.假設我們沒收到你的信息,我們想你應還在售賣同樣的貨物,因比我們付上我們最新的目錄。我們想在目錄上的系列、品質及價格應比其他生產商更勝一籌。We trust you will find our offer satisfactory and look forward to receiving your order again.我們相信你將為我們所提供的感到滿意,我們亦期待再次收到你的訂單。

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    請問what you thought is

    跟what your thoughts are



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    狀況一))---客人之前承諾說要下訂單,可是過ㄌ很久都沒有消息, 這時候應該怎嚜問他呢?

    I am just wondering how your order for new products is coming along?


    ** I am just wondering: 是很有禮的詢問方式,表示想了解對方的想法,可用在各種情況下,例:

    1/ I am just wondering if you ever heard of Taiwan?

    請問你有聽過台灣嗎?--- 這樣的方式問,即使他不知道也不會讓人家覺得不舒服。

    2/ I am just wondering what you thought is the best solution for this case?


    ** coming along: 進展得如何?!



    I am just wondering what your thoughts are for our last deal/product quality? Would you be interested in some new products?

    請問你對我們上次成交的案子/產品品質有什麼想法嗎?! 有沒有興趣參考看看新的產品呢?

    ** what your thoughts are: 你的想法是什麼?!


    Last deal/product quality 這地方可換成各種東西,例如

    1/ colour色彩

    2/ price 價格

    3/ shipment method 運送方式

    參考資料: 個人意見