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To extract the flavonoids from the different plant materials they were first dried at 50 ℃, in a forced air oven, to constant weight.The dried plant material was ground to a fine powder and extracted for 30 min with dimethyl sulfoxide(DMSO) in a ratio of 6 mg of dry weight/ml. The corresponding extracts were filtered through a 0.45 mm nylon membrane before analysis in a Hewlett-Packard liquid Chromatograph, model HP1050 (USA) coupled to a quaternary pump and automatic injector with a diode array detector. Reversed phase chromatographic separation was performed with a C18 m-Bondapak

(Waters Associates, Milford, MA, USA) analytical column with an average particle size of 5 mm at 35 ℃, eluting in an isocratic gradient of water/methanol/acetonitrile/acetic acid (15:2:2:1) at a constant flow of 1 ml min_1. Changes in absorbance were recorded in the vis-UV diode array detector at 280 nm. These compounds were quantified by HPLC under the chromatographic conditions described above, and the response obtained was compared with the corresponding external standards. The main flavanones and flavones under study were collected with a fraction collector at the exit of the HPLC column and their identities were confirmed by reference to their nuclear magnetic resonance spectra in hexadeutero-DMSO.

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    吸取來自不同的植物材料的黃酮在一個被迫的空氣烤箱中他們在 50 ℃首先被弄乾,對持續的重量。乾燥的植物材料在乾重量/毫升的 6個毫克的比中被磨到好的粉而且吸取了和二甲基的 sulfoxide(DMSO)的 30 分鐘。對應的榨出物在一個 Hewlett-Packard 的液體套色版中在分析之前被過濾過一個 0.45 公釐尼龍薄膜,被加倍到和兩極管排列的一個四個一組的抽水機和自動的注射者的型號 HP1050(美國)

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    要從不同植物裡抽出藍色基因必須在攝氏50度 在個氣壓廂裡來減重 用那些乾的植物磨成粉然後在跟DMSO壓縮30分鐘每一毫升有一毫克會乾 他們會在那液體珍發前壓縮0.45毫米 他的正常大小是五毫米在攝氏30度 每秒他會流出一毫升 這些HPLC 可成核能磁場能量

    參考資料: 在美國的我
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