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how to preparea good speech??

My topic is

\"To persuade my audience that the college students are not allowed to own the credit cards.\"

I wonder know how can I persuade my audience and how many aspects can I prepare the speech.

My draft is ~

1. Introduction

2. Body [a.the point of view of the society b. the ground of credit card owner ]

3. Conclusion

I think the content is not enough.If you have any better ideas, please tell me.



the audience is my classmate.

we are junior student around 20~25 years old.

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    1. Introduction

    2. Body

    a. why people use credit cards

    b. basic advantage of credit cards

    c. why college students *want* or *need* (peer pressure?) credit cards, and how they acquire them (parents)

    d. general public's view on college kids with credit cards, and society trend (whether most college students own credit cards, this may relate to the above peer pressure part)

    e. your view on college students with credit cards: disadvantage of college kids with credit cards (ex//not having to work for the money, won't learn to appreciate money; spend first, parents pay later, won't understand the importance and the how-to of managing personal finance... etc.)

    f. maybe backup your view with some numbers (maybe percentage of college students graduating as 卡奴?maybe college kids' average spending thru credit cards -> more than should be for their age?... etc.)

    3. Conclusion

    maybe other than drawing the conclusion of *college students are not allowed to own credit cards* (我覺得應該說是 *college students should not own credit cards*比較好,not allowed 有不准擁有的感覺,難道不是不應擁有嗎?), i don't know if this is good, but you might want to add something like: even though you dont think it's proper or whatever for college kids to own credit cards, but like everything, there's always an exception.... if with parents' assistance, there might be a chance that kids can learn to manage money thru using credit cards... then you would agree to let college kids to own credit cards. otherwise, which is usually the case, no.

    hope this helps, good luck with your speech~~

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    -What is credit card (you can actually show the audience a variety of nicely designed credit cards as you speech prop)

    -The way credit card is operated, charge fee, interest rate

    -The way credit card company make money


    - How credit card can be easily misused, or mis-managed by the youth (such as college students), or even by an adult, and simply get them into heavy financial debt.

    - Some horrible examples or real stories about the use of credit card and get into the financial big problems. (it shall be easy to find them!!)

    [Note that real life stories are always more convincing and persuasive]

    Another selling point … Even in the US, there are more and more people prefer to use cash instead of credit card.


    -Use a scissor to cut the credit card (of course, use the fake ones) in half!!


    My bonus points to you… WHAT you speak is important and HOW you speak is more critical …

    For example, pay attention to your voice, (including proper pitch, rate, variety, tone, volume and articulation), your eyes contact with the audience, your body language, the use of visual aids, etc., to make your speech more clear, effective, memorable, and persuasive.

    Good luck!

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    to prepare a good speech, well-crafted contend, you need to know the following first:

    1. who are the audience? thier background and knowledge about credit card.

    2. time frame of the speech.

    2006-03-18 01:06:27 補充:

    If your audience is your classmates, pick those stories that are related to them. So, they can easily feel the power of your speech. Remember ... how you present your speech is sometimes more critical than the contents. And, Practice, Practice, Practice. Good luck in your practice.

    參考資料: my experience in toastmasters and others
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    1. Introduction - general background of credit card

    2. Body

    a.Shortcoming of using credit card

    b. based on b, extend the disadvantage to college student

    3. Conclusion