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何謂debilitative anxiety ?


debilitative anxiety and facilitatative anxiety有何區別呢?



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    焦慮可以分為兩種,一種叫退縮性焦慮(Debilitative Anxiety),它會使學習者逃避學習 任務,是一種消極的心理學習因素;而另一種叫促進性焦慮(Facilitative Anxiety),它能 促進學習者學習用功,更好的完成語言學習任務,是一種積極的心理學習因素。

    Research on anxiety has separated it into two types: debilitative and facilitative anxiety (Alpert and Haber 1960, cited by Scovel 1978). Debilitative anxiety is destructive and counterproductive to learning English. It is characterized with a fear of failure and lack of confidence to succeed. Facilitative anxiety, however, is helpful. It can prepare one to be adequately concerned over a task, such as the anxiety one may feel before giving a speech. It is characterized by confidence that one can succeed if making an effort. What our students experience in their English class (and later in the hospital) is clearly debilitative anxiety.

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    Debilitative Anxiety

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