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「花香」「花香天下中秋桂,雪映莊前臘月梅」,「雪花齋」是由「榚餅之神」呂水先生,於清光緒二十六年(西元一九○○庚子年),在地方仕紳陳德全等人的協助之下,在含日豐原市中正路上(今現址)所創。由六位秀才吟詠上述「雪花詩」,取其上下聯之首字,並由名書畫家劉曉 揮毫題字。「雪花齋」的成立,不但在當時轟動鄉里,也因一開始就有各方人士的支持與鼓勵,而奠定成功的基礎。  「雪花齋」的榚餅在日治時期即享有盛名,沿襲至今,豐原「雪花齋」、「老雪花齋」、「菊花齋」 等二家餅店,經營者都是呂水的子嗣,其製餅技術也由呂水先生一脈相傳。「雪花月餅」享譽中外,堪稱為台式月餅(綠豆凸)的代表,其外皮薄而酥軟,入口即化;內餡則細緻芬芳,口齒留香,令人回味無窮。



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    Snowflake shop

    The aroma of preserved petals of sweet osmanthus spread in Mid-Autumn Festival, while the snow is so white as a plum blossom in front of the hause. THe Snowflake shop is built by the God of the cake, Mr. Water Lue, from 1900 at the Jhongjheng road (the present add.). Mr. Te-chuan Chen etc. have helped to build it. The Name is orginated from the poetry of 6 fine talents. The famous writer and painter, Mr. Tsiao Liu, had written the band. The shop is supported and encouraged by all people there, therefore, the sucess is alse foudated. The cake in Snowflake was so famous from the dynasty of being governed by Japan. Snowflake, old Snowflake and chrysanthemum shops are managed by the generation of Water Lue. Their skills are also orginated from Water Lue. The mooncake which is represented the orginal taiwanese mooncake "mungbean cake" is known all over the world. The mooncake is so tasty and soft to dissolve in your mouth. The tast of stuffing will stay the good smell in your mouth.

    Jhongjheng Park

    Jhongjheng Park that is the leisure place of Fongyuan people is located at the Shueiyuan Rd., Fongyuan City. The front and back of the park are valley and massif. The shade of coconut palm and banyanre are planted by the beautiful bent sideways in the park which is very suitable for a walk in the sommer. The pavilion is setted in the front of the park. Beside the pavilion is the bronze statue of Chian Kai-chek. The park also offers various facilities including swimmingpool and game place for children and parents.

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