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第一前一天先預習隔天要上的科目,大概的瞭解內容,這樣就能更清楚老師隔天上些什麼。聽課時要畫重點,遇到不明白就要趕快發問,或是詢問同學。每天都要按時複習,或是利用生活中的零散時間複習,比如在放學回家的途中在搭車的時候…等,效率也更高!另外考試的考卷一定要訂正,訂正會加深印象喔! 再來就是要有效的安排讀書計畫,努力的實行。最後,選擇最適合自己讀書的地方,盡量避免不必要的干擾,讀書的桌面要收拾整齊就不會因桌面亂七八糟而心煩意亂。還有一個重點,就是想像自己是老師,考前猜一猜題目,加強練習就沒問題了。

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    Previewed subject that will be had every other day first on the first the previous day, general understanding content , can know even more what a teacher separates the sky in this way. Want the focal point of the picture while listening to the teacher, can't understand that will ask quickly soon , or will inquire classmates. Review on time every day, or spend scattered time of life review, such as when getting a lift in the way to leave school and go home ! -Wait, efficiency is higher too! The examination paper of the examination must be corrected, will strengthen the impression to correct oh in addition! Is it take effective arrangement reading plan to come and then, diligent implementation. Finally , choose to be most suitable for the place that oneself studies , try one's best to avoid the unnecessary interference, the tabletop studying would not unset because of the tabletop in a mess when being tidied up. There is a focal point, it is the teacher to just imagine oneself , guess the topic before examination, strengthen and practice being out of question.

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    First day before first prepared a lesson previous day wants on the subject, the general understanding content, like this could clearer teacher on previous day any. Attends a lecture when must draw the key point, meets did not understand must quickly ask a question, perhaps inquires the schoolmate. Every day must on time review, perhaps using the life in scattered time review, for instance is being on vacation from school goes home on the way the time which travels by vehicle... And so on, the efficiency is also higher! Moreover the test examination paper certainly must revise, revising can deepen the impression oh! Again comes on to want the effective arrangement to study the plan, diligently implementation. Finally, the choice most suits the place which oneself studies, avoids the nonessential disturbance as far as possible, studies the tabletop must tidy up neat cannot at sixes and sevens and is confused because of the tabletop. Also some key point, is imagines oneself is teacher front, tests guessed topic, strengthened the practice not to have the question.