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    發明者是義大利車手Tullio Campagnolo,在1927年發明的,原文片段如下:

    Quick release skewer history

    The mechanism was invented in 1927 by Tullio Campagnolo, an Italian bicycle racer, when he was frustrated by having to stop and get off his bicycle in order to change gears. His invention was a rear wheel quick release lever with a mechanical extension that placed the lever itself near the bicycle's saddle, combined with a fork that served as a primitive version of a rear derailleur (without idler pulleys to take up slack), that also had a control lever near the bicycle saddle. This innovation enabled bicycle riders to quickly change gears while in motion by releasing the axle, moving the rear wheel slightly forward by applying tension to the chain, actuating the fork to change to the larger cog, and tightening the quick release again; or else releasing the axle, actuating the fork to change to the smaller cog, moving the wheel slightly rearward by braking, and tightening the quick release again. This invention revolutionized bicycle design and as a result, Campagnolo became a leading road cycling and track cycling component manufacturer.

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    輪組快拆是義大利人Tullio Campagnolo在1920年代發明的,他就是知名變速器品牌Campagnolo的創辦人.

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