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How to precaution the “Myofascial pain syndrome”?

.While working to type the work, in addition to the posture right, had better find the thing to prop up the elbow, and each half an hour take a rest in the coffee break, can use to pull the chair with the side hand to descend the good luck, go toward another to simultaneously pull 20 second, repeat 4 times.Besides hereafter revolve to come back again the shoulder, make the 2 and 3 times, can smooth to lift the shoulder muscle ache, also can spread 20 minutes to also have the help in the neck heat.

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  • River
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    How to prevent 'Myofascial pain syndrome'?Keep correct posture while typing to work.  Had better find something to hold the elbow, and take a rest every half hour.  While taking a rest, one can hold the lower part of a chair with hands and then pull to the other side for 20 seconds and repeat it for 4 times.  And then twist the shoulders backward and rotate it to normal.  Do this for two or three time to release the muscle pain on the shoulders.  Or it will be helpful for one to have a hot compress on one’s neck for two minutes.

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  • angel
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    How to prevent the “Myofascial pain syndrome”?.When performing typing work, beside correct posture, it is better to support the elbow with something. Rest every half an hour and during the break pull the side of the chair with one side at a time, 20 seconds each and repeat 4 times. And by rotating the shoulder back & forward 2 to 3 times, it could help to reduce muscle ache. Beside, heat apply on the neck for 20 minutes could also help.