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最多12句 越快越好.... 謝謝!!

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    Once a upon a time, there is a girl who likes wear red hat, and everyone call her "The little red hat". One day, her grandmother was sick and her mother asked her to give regards to her grandmother. Since that, The little red hat depart to grandmother's home. While she go through the forest, a wolf saw her and ask her where she would like to go. The little red hat replied:"My grandmother is sick, and I am going to her home", the wolf suggest her to bring some flowers to grandmother's home, and the little red hat accept. While the little red hat is deflowering, the wolf get into grandmother's home and ate her! The little red hat did not know this and go to grandmother's home happily...

    When the little red hat arrives grandmother's home, the wolf pretend to be grandmother lying on the bed. The little red hat step in grandmother's home and the wolf want to eat her....The little red hat run out fast , and a hunter walk accross by. The hunter use riffle shot the wolf , use knife to open wolf's stomach and save the little red hat's grandmother.

    參考資料: 自己