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which college is better?

Shoreline Community College or Green River community College?

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    Green River College overall has better ranking than Shoreline College, but there is not too much difference between the two. Plus, it depends on what major are you to decide that which college is better for you. The followings are the websites and information for both of the colleges. You might want to check it out.

    Green River Community College


    Teaching, Green River Community College

    Why it's good: Designated Washington State Center of Excellence for Careers in Education. Multiple national and state awards and grants to prepare future K-12 teachers.

    Hiring outlook: State projects a 17 percent hiring increase over next seven years (701 jobs per year). Specialty-teaching jobs rank Nos. 2, 3, 7 and 8 on "10 Hot Jobs in Snohomish County."

    Job-placement rate: Nearly 100 percent.

    Starting wages: New K-12 teachers with a bachelor's degree earn about $30,023 per year. Para-educator salaries vary. Child-care salaries range from minimum wage to about $17 hourly for Head Start lead teachers.

    Students accepted: No wait list.

    Shoreline Community College


    Automotive technician, Shoreline Community College

    Why it's good: Designated State Center for Automotive and Manufacturing Excellence.* Two-year hands-on course includes internships through five auto factory-sponsored programs. Partnership with 260-member Puget Sound Auto Dealership Association provides extra training and a jump on jobs. Earned highest ranking and accreditation from National Automobile Technicians Education Foundation. Multiple award-winning instructors.

    Hiring outlook: State projects 15.5 percent hiring increase over next seven years (526 openings per year).

    Job-placement rate: 100 percent.

    Starting wages: $30,000 per year.

    Students accepted: 50 per year; wait list of one to two years to enter program but may take general-education classes during that time.

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