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幫幫忙~~請問有英文推銷信 範例嗎?


網路上現成的,公司的商品推銷信也可以 謝謝~~


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    Features & Specifications

    Ideal for apartments or to cool an entire floor of your home, the Fedders 24,000 BTU air conditioner works two ways to keep your air fresh and cool. Use it as a traditional air conditioner or set it to circulate fresh outside air. Electronic touch controls and a remote make it user-friendly.

    Fedders Room Air Conditioner With Remote Control, 24,000 BTU:

    Fits window opening 26-3/4" to 41-5/8" wide and minimum height 18-5/8" high

    230/208 volts

    Designed to cool 1,400 square feet

    8.5 EER

    Electronic touch controls with 24-hour timer

    Auto cool mode

    One degree temperature adjust

    Three cooling and three fan speeds

    Energy save mode

    Air exchanger helps circulate fresh outside air

    Four-way air directors for even flow of air movement

    Ultra-accurate thermister

    Expandable side panels for a perfect window fit

    Slide-out washable filter that can be washed in water

    Child-proof rear protective grille helps prevent damage

    Painted galvanized steel cabinet resists corrosion

    Rotary compressor for quiet, efficient and reliable operation

    Side air flow with quiet fan design for smooth, undisturbed air movement and low noise

    Cabinet size: 26-1/2"W x 25-3/8"D x 17-1/4"H

    Model No. A6D24E7B

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