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Now what has this new Kuominta

Now what has this new Kuomintang Party that seems destined to win the next election in two years got to say about these problems? Two years is an eternity, although Mayor Ma is now considered by far the front-runner, while the DPP is struggling to name a candidate. The problem is, what does he really think? People on the mainland are excited about him. They think he may be the person who can resolve this terrible problem across the straits.

On the other hand, is that an albatross for Mayor Ma with respect to his popularity and his future in the next presidential election? Is he too close to the mainland, or is he now evolving to the point of seeing Taiwan independence as an option?

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    很可能在兩年內贏得(總統)選舉的新國民黨如何看這些(兩岸)問題?在民進黨仍推不出侯選人的情形下,馬英九似乎目前已是遙遙領先,但兩年算是很長的一段時間(變數仍多),問題在於,馬英九到底在想什麼?中大陸的人對馬英九可能擔任總統感到興奮,他們認為馬英九是可以解決兩岸問題的人選 ,換個角度來說,中國的支持對馬英九的在台灣的人民支持度以及未來可的總統選舉是個福音嗎? 他和中國大陸走得太近了嗎?或者,馬英九現在已經看見台獨也是一個可能的選項了呢?

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    so what's your question?

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