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I was recommended to appreciate the novel of Arrogant and Prejudice from a friend long time ago. Unlucky I’m not a man who likes to read novel. So when it was shot into a film last year, I want to understand the content of this film expectantly. Let me feel the fine and smooth value that people think exquisitely.

The two factories of arrogant and prejudice witch are easily to produce under the getting along of opposite sex. It’s obviously to see in the film. The actor and actress both have such strong subjective confidence eyes, so that they are not prone to be treated spoiled by anyone. Thus they do not dare to express their deep feeling. Only do with one another with arrogant attitude at the first sight of them. The arrogant of Darcy is from his dignity thinking and hush. Differently, it’s made of the independent mature thinking for Elishbeth. Their interaction is just like an obstacle to prevent knowing each other for protecting themselves honor. Day by day, bias is producing within their living. The arrogant and prejudice are full of artistic characteristic to show in author’s writing skill and sentiment. It can’t be described by a word. Let readers understand that arrogant and prejudice consist in our living. Is it a substance with two sides? Arrogant derives from Prejudice or being opposite.

In my sight, they are the same thing, is merely a relation. Just like Elishbeth’s father said “stubborn”. The source of problems is stubborn. You might be arrogant or prejudice that come from your absolute stubborn. It’s just an one-side aspect. For solution to the problem, review everything. This is an over-experience practice. Avert your subjective to see it again. Be more rational.


so that they are not prone to be treated spoiled by anyone


Differently, it’s made of the independent mature thinking for Elishbeth.不同的是,對於伊莉莎白是來自她成熟的獨立思考


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    A long time ago, a friend recommended me to read "Pride and Prejudice". Unfortunately, I do not like to read novels. When the movie came out last year, I went to see it as I truly wanted to understand the content. The film made me feel the quality and fluency of the storyline that people praise about this novel.

    Incidents regarding pride and prejudice can be easily found in heterosexual relationships, and it is obvious in the film. The actor and the actress both have strong, confident eyes, (so that they are not prone to be treated spoiled by anyone. 這句真的看不懂你想表達什麼) Thus they do not dare to express their true feelings. They treat one another with pride since their first encounter. Darcy's pride comes from his wealth and status. (Differently, it's made of the independent mature thinking for Elishbeth 這句也是不懂.) They interact with the notion to protect their self esteem, thus creates obstacles that prevent them from knowing each other. Their bias toward each other grow on a daily basis. The movie "Pride and Prejudice" is full of talented actors who well expressed the novel and the emotions within. It is indescribable. It allows readers to understand what pride and prejudices we have in our lives. Is there a cause and effect relationship? Is pride generated by prejudice, or vice versa?

    In my opinion, pride and prejudice are essentially the same. Elizabeth's father mentioned "stubborn", and the cause of all problems is stubbornness. One's pride or prejudice may come from one's sole stubbornness. It's an one-sided perspective. One should review every aspect in order to solve this problem. One should experience with practicing to see things from different perspectives, and thinking more rationally.

    大致上猜的出意思的儘量幫你翻了 可是那兩句真的猜不出來


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