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We also need to note that Internet-related companies in China inflict a high degree of self-censorship. In November 2002, a semi-official organization, the Internet Society of

China, launched the first Internet content examinations, and even selected some model

sites for propaganda purposes. The popular portal site Sina.com took pride in the fact that it has been selected as a Model website. Self-censorship is necessary in order to gain the trust and cooperation of the government. Self-censorship has become a key NORM of the Internet service providers in China. This is imposed by two forces--market and intimidation. In China, market means that you may get more cakes if you do as you are instructed. Intimidation is a very strong weapon in the battle for Internet control and something the Chinese government is adept at. Today, in China, nearly all the Internet service and content providers and Internet cafés have set up their own monitors, and they have even signed off on the public pledge to guarantee they will keep the web \"clean\", as was discussed in Yahoo\'s scenario above.

The \'free\' character of the Internet made the price of anonymity very low. Free services offered by volunteers were originally one of the characteristics of the Internet. These services, including proxy servers, provided a very easy and cost effective way to accept and maintain an anonymous identity. However, these services came under severe pressure and became hard to maintain as the Internet became more popular and commercialized in the last few years. Consequently, those who used to circumvent the

firewall of CPC by proxy and other technologies find more difficulty in accessing some

websites outside China. Now, in the United States, a new bill designed to fight foreign Web censorship, particularly in China, has been introduced in Congress.



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    在2002 年11月, 一個半官方組織, 中國網際社會,

    發射了第一網際網路美滿的考試, 和平衡選擇了一些式樣站點為宣傳目的。

    普遍的門站點Sina.com 感到了自豪在事實它被選擇了作為一個式樣網站。



    這由二力量強加-- 市場和威逼。

    在中國, 市場意味, 您可以得到更多蛋糕如果您做當您被指示。

    威逼是一個非常強的武器在爭鬥為網際網路控制並且某事中國政府是嫻熟在。今天, 在中國, 幾乎所有網際網路服務和內容提供者和網際網路caf3es 設定了他們自己的螢幕, 並且他們甚而簽字在公開承諾保證他們和上面被談論了在雅虎的情節將保持網"乾淨", 。

    網際網路的' 自由' 字符使價格匿名非常低。


    這些服務, 包括代理人伺服器, 假設一個非常容易和有效的方式接受和維護一個匿名身分。

    但是, 這些服務受到嚴厲壓力和艱苦成為維護當網際網路成為了普遍和商業化在過去幾年之內。

    結果, 那些過去常徊避CPC 防火牆由代理人和其它技術發現更多困難在訪問一些網站在中國境外。

    現在在美國, 一張新票據被設計與外國網審查戰鬥, 特別在中國, 被介紹了在國會。

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