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    1. We can tell the air is very important to us from this report, so we should take public transportations instead of our own transports to better the air pollution.

    2. There are so many cars in Macao so that the air pollution there is getting worse and worse.

    3. We can see the air quality is between 101 to 250, and that is unhealthy for us, but fortunately, the air quality in Macao is about 100, so we can stay outside safely.

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    1.我們可以從這份報告中看出空氣對我們來說是很重要的,,,,所以我們應該多坐公共文通工具而不是坐私人交通工具來改善空氣污染........We can concluded from the report that air is very important to us. Therefore we need to maintain the quality of air by using more public transport instead of our own private transport. 2.在澳門有很多車....這樣使澳門的空氣污染變得越來越嚴重..There are too many car in Macau as a result air pollution is an serious problem .3.在這個表我們可以看出空氣質量指數在101~250間,都會影響我們的健康....不過.....很慶幸.....澳門的空氣質量指數多數在100或以下...所以我們可以安心地在街上逗留From this chart, the air quality index is between 101-250 and it could affect our health....but.... fortunately.....the air quality index in Macau recorded is usually around 100 or below...therefore we could still safely stay on the street

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    澳門 = Macau

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    As you can see from this report, to maintain the quality of air is very important therefore we should encourage people to take public transport instead of promote private car sales.


    There are many automobiles in Macao, which is one of the factors that the air pollution is getting worse.


    From this chart, the air pollution will affect our health if the Air Quality Index is between 101 to 250. Fortunately, it is under 100 in Macao so we are safe to wonder around the street.

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    1. As we can see from this report, the air is very import for us. So, we should take public transportation instead of private vihcles to improve the air pollution.

    2. Since the huge amount of vehicles in Macou so that caused the air pollution in Macou became worse and worse.

    3. In this chart we can easily figure out if the air quality exponent is between 101-250 will affect our healty. But luckily, the air quality exponent in Macou is nearly or under 100. So that we can stay oustide safely.

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