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有關禽流感ㄉ英文時事文章 請提供我吧


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    What is Flu Pandemic?

    Influenza causes seasonal epidemics of disease resulting in an average of 14.8 deaths per 100 000 or 600 deaths in Singapore each year (USA-19.6, Hong Kong-16.4). A pandemic occurs when there is a major change in the influenza virus such that most or all of the world’s population has never been exposed previously and is thus vulnerable to the virus. An influenza pandemic has a greater potential to cause rapid increases in death and illnesses than virtually any other natural health threat.

    In Jan 04, health authorities in Vietnam and Thailand reported their first human cases of infection with avian influenza caused by an H5N1 strain. The cases in humans are directly linked to outbreaks of highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza in poultry initially reported in Korea in mid-December 2003 and subsequently confirmed in an additional seven Asian countries (Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Laos and Indonesia). As at end 04, no country other than Vietnam and Thailand had reported human cases. In Sep 04, Thailand reported a probable case of inefficient human-to-human transmission in a family cluster. A resurgence of poultry outbreaks and human cases has also been reported in Vietnam since December 2004. In February 2005, Cambodia reported its first human case of avian influenza. As of April 05, there have been 89 reported human cases resulting in 52 deaths. Based on these figures, the fatality rate is 60% with Vietnam and Cambodia continuing to report new cases.


    流行性感冒每年導致疾病季節性流行性造成平均14.8 死亡每100 000 或600 死亡在新加坡(USA-19.6, 洪Kong-16.4) 。pandemic 發生當有一個主要變化在流行性感冒病毒上這樣大多數或所有世界’s 人口早先未被暴露並且是因而脆弱的對病毒。流行性感冒pandemic 有更加巨大的潛力導致在死亡和病症的迅速增量比實際上其他自然健康威脅。

    在1月04 日, 衛生局在越南和泰國報告了傳染他們的第一個人的案件以鳥流行性感冒由H5N1 張力造成。箱子在人與高度致病性H5N1 鳥流行性感冒爆發直接地連接在禽畜最初地被報告在韓國在2003 年十二月中旬和隨後被證實在另外的七個亞洲國家(越南、日本、泰國、柬埔寨、中國、老撾和印度尼西亞) 。和在末端04, 國家除越南之外和泰國未報告人的案件。在9月04 日, 泰國報告了無結果的人對人的傳輸可能的事例在家庭群。禽畜爆發和人的案件回潮並且被報告了在越南從2004 年12月。在2005 年2月, 柬埔寨報告了鳥流行性感冒它的第一個人的病例。4月05 日自, 有是89 個被報告的人的案件造成52 死亡。根據這些圖, 致死率是60% 與越南和柬埔寨繼續報告新案件。

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    Bird flu case hits Czech Republic  The authorities in the Czech reublic have confirmed their first case of the H5N1 bird flu virus. Preliminary tests on a dead swan found last week 130km (80 miles) south of Prague show the bird had the strain, which can be lethal to humans. Further tests are being carried out at the EU reference laboratory in the UK. The European Commission has proposed additional aid to farmers in member states hit by a drop in egg and poultry consumption due to bird flu outbreaks. Thirteen EU countries have now confirmed outbreaks of bird flu, which has killed more than 100 people in Asia since 2003. "A definitive confirmation of the highly-pathogenic type... can be expected from the EU reference laboratory in Weybridge in Great Britain in the middle of next week," the Czech agriculture ministry said in a statement. Spokesman Tomas Loskot said another dead swan had tested positive for the H5 virus and would be tested for the H5N1 strain. The Czech authorities have implemented safety measures in accordance with EU rules - including a protection area around the site on the Vltava river where the swan was found.

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    Go to on news section. Type the key word "bird flu" and then I'm sure you can find the plenty of topics related to bird flu.

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