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不要翻譯機..謝謝~錯得離譜= =

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    When it comes to deal with those popular "hand-to-mouth" people for Taiwanese businessmen, there's no words that can really express their feelings. Most businessmen would describe those "hand-to-mouth" as those people who always has a lot of excuses, and they always think that all the faults are caused by the boss and not themselves. Furthermore, they change their jobs too frequently, the least is one week, the most is about a year or two, and they will say " thank you and i am out of here!"

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    When the Taiwanese business people meets with the at present the most popular"the month throws the clan", mood how is a"bitterness" word.A few Taiwanese business people description, is all big truth on"the month throws the clan" mouth, thousand wrong ten thousand wrong is all owner of wrong, and"change" frequency is too high, few a week, have another then 12 years, thanks again contact.

    The moonlight clan:hand-to-mouth

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