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fired (adj)..英英翻譯

fired (adj)..英英翻譯...煩請協助用英文翻譯此單字..感恩....


You’re not our customer, so I might get fired if I gave you a sample. Maybe I can arrange another meeting and invite you. Then you can get a sample!

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    Hi there:"to be fired" means "to lose your job", so in this sentence, it's saying that the person might loose his job if he gives the sample to the other person while he is at work.  Synonyms of "to be fired" include "to be dismissed (from the job)", "to be discharged of the job/duty", "to be laid off (from the job)", and the simplest of all, "to lose one's job".  Theoretically speaking, you can replace "get fired" in this sentence with "be laid off", "be dismissed from my job", "be discharged from my job".  However, it is best to replace it with "lose my job", as this expression is more colloquial than the other three and is therefore used more frequently in a first person statement such as this one.Hope these definitions are of help to you

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    Correction: "person might loose his job" in the first paragraph should be "person might lose his job"

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    Actually, if you replace "get fired" with "get laid off" it sounds quite colloquial too, so it's okay to use "get laid off"

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    By the way, here's the definition from Cambridge Dictionaries Online, "fire" is actually a verb, not an adjective:fire (DISMISS) Show phoneticsverb [T] to remove someone from their job, either because they have done something wrong or badly, or as a way of saving the cost of employing them:

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    These are the example sentences from the same source:

    She was fired after she was caught stealing from her employer.

    He was fired from his $165 000 job for poor performance.

    She has just been fired as editor of the newspaper.

    The company is reducing its workforce by firing 500 employees.

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    More examples are given in the opinion column..

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    I like feihong's interpretation.

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    fired(adj) to lose a job


    參考資料: 我我我
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    adj : having lost your job


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