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艾希莉辛普森的英文介紹 (要附中文)

艾希莉辛普森 的個人介紹



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    Facts (實情)

    Name: Ashlee Nicole Simpson (名字: Ashlee 尼科爾・Simpson)

    Birthdate: October 3, 1984 (出生日期: 1984 年10月3 日)

    Height: 5'6" (高度: 5'6 ")

    Hair Color: Blonde (頭髮顏色: 白膚金髮)

    Siblings: Jessica Simpson, age 25 (兄弟姐妹: Jessica Simpson, 年齡25)

    Status: In a relationship (情形: 有親屬關係)

    Education: Prairie Creek Elementary(教育: Prairie Creek Elementary)

    Religion: Baptist (宗教: 浸禮會教友 )

    Ashlee Simpson's Bio (Ashlee Simpson's的生命)

    英解 : At age 4 she started dancing, and by the time she was 11, she the youngest person ever admitted into the school in the history of the prestigious School of American Ballet. She began to dance professionally at age 14. The Simpson family moved to Los Angeles. Ashlee went on the road, dancing and supporting her sister Jessica's rise to fame from 1999 to 200.

    Ashlee's first solo television appearance was in a small role on Malcolm in the Middle. She also appeared with Jessica on Saved by the Bell, The Donny & Marie Show, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, The View, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and a Disney Christmas show and concert special.

    Her father Joe Simpson, a Southern Baptist minister, manages Ashlee and Jessica. He has recently started a new record label called "Papa Joe's" featuring his daughters and the new band "Barefoot" who is touring with Ashlee.

    Ashlee's latest move in her acting career cast her in as Clea in the movie "Undiscovered".

    中譯 :

    在年齡4 她開始跳舞, 並且當她是11 的時候, 她最年輕的人曾經錄取入學校在美國芭蕾有名望的學校的歷史上。 她開始專業地跳舞在年齡14 。Simpson 家庭被移動向洛杉磯。Ashlee 去在路, 跳舞和支持她的姐妹Jessica 的上升名望從1999 年到200 。

    Ashlee 的第一次獨奏電視出現是在一個小角色在Malcolm 在中部。她出現與Jessica 由響鈴保存、Donny & Marie 展示、Rosie O'Donnell 展示、看法、今晚展示與傑伊紗羅織物, 和迪斯尼聖誕節展示和並且共同安排特別。

    她的父親喬・Simpson, 一位南部的新教牧師, 處理Ashlee 和Jessica 。他最近開始了一個新紀錄標籤稱"Papa 喬的" 以他的女兒和新帶為特色"赤足" 誰遊覽與Ashlee 。

    Ashlee 的最新的移動在她的演藝事業扮演她作為Clea 在電影"未被發現" 。

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    Ashlee Simpson,younger sister of singing sensation Jessica Simpson,took her first step towards fame at age 11. At that time,she became the famous School of American Ballet's youngest student ever.By 14,she was already a professional dancer. Well-know for her TV appearances,Ashlee insists thst her true love is music. Autobiography,her debut album,topped the U.S. music charts after its release last summer. 20-year-old Ashlee has thus proven that Jessica isn't the only star in the Simpson family!


    Birth name: Ashlee Nicole Simpson

    Nick name: Ash

    Date of birth: October 3rd, 1984

    Place of birth: Dallas, Texas, USA

    Height: 5' 7"

    Siblings: Sister of pop singer (Simpson,Jessica)


    “7th Heaven”(1996) TV Series .... Cecilia

    Hot Chick,The (2002) ....Monique

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