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幫我翻譯這篇心得!!~(中翻英 )..謝








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  • Lavign
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    See kinglet's son through, feel the sometimes adult of the brains doesn't have what I think intelligent, only will be in the suddenly superficial matter,

    The few person will work hard to treat, only would with self-approbation of the supercilious attitude treats the other people,

    The king who is like him to meet, complacent businessman or geographer etc..

    Kinglet's son often asked many person's daily lifes in this book in although the problem that often get in touch with have never thought,

    But when see him so earnest and anxious to want to know the answer,

    It can not help producing to him in the heart some admire,

    May be he gets to the root of the matter and especially the different thought makes me rise to it some admire the heart and a little earnest feeling!

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    Finish looking at little prince, think that sometimes the adult's brain has no sensitivity that I think, the thing of the surface that will only be sometimes, few people will go to treat diligently, will only treat others with the opinionated supercilious attitude, just as the king whom he met, conceited businessman or geographer ,etc.. The question that has never thought that the little prince often asks in this book that often exposed to in a lot of people's daily life, but as see him so conscientiously and eager while wanting to know the answer , can't help producing some to admire to him in the heart, it may be that he makes a thorough investigation and the peculiar thought make me get up to it some admire heart and some to feel conscientiously !

    參考資料: 我的表哥的堂哥的乾爸的媽媽的弟弟的姊姐的妹妹!(完結)